How do inmates receive care if sick or injured?

The Berrien County Jail has a nurse who is trained in emergency medicine at our facility or on call 24 hours a day and a doctor who is assigned to us under contract. If an inmate is sick, they would fill out a medical request to see the nurse. The Sheriff and our jail staff are not doctors and cannot give medical advice to inmates. The nurse and doctor make all medical decisions.

Can inmates make phone calls?

Family and friends may contact NCIC Telecommunications for information on adding money to inmate accounts and video visitation by calling 1-800-943-2189. You may also add money to an inmates account by using our ATM in our jail lobby. Inmates will then be able to transfer money from their commissary account to phone account. Any question about video visitation, please contact our jail by calling 686-7664.

Can I mail packages to inmates?

Because of security reasons, all mail for inmates must be sent to the following address: P.O. Box 591 Longview TX. 75606. Please include inmates full name. The jail will not accept any packages or mail of any kind. No exceptions!

What day may I visit with an inmate?

Visitation is now strictly video and by appointment only and must be made 24 hours in advance. To schedule an appointment or for any questions about video visitation please visit